American International Seminary

American International Seminary is a 2- or 3-year Minister Training Program offering hands-on ministry training, along with courses in Leadership, Bible and Theology. This minister training program is specifically designed to help you excel in service to a local church. The hands-on ministry training takes place within Point Harbor Community Church, located in Chesapeake, Virginia near coastal Virginia and Virginia Beach. Point Harbor is a dynamic, growing, large church, that has discovered systems that keep this multi-racial, multi-generational, with a diverse and strong military presence growing by 10% annually.

In your first year of ministry training you will be exposed to virtually every area ministry at Point Harbor. You will see what it takes, behind the scenes, to make this church work. In your second year you will drill down into four primary areas; Children’s and Student Ministries, Missions and Outreach, Discipleship and Next Steps, then Music and technical areas.

After successful completion of year two you will receive a Graduate of Ministries diploma.

Select students will be invited to apply for a third concentrated year of ministry training in a specific area. Acceptance to a third year is not guaranteed and only exceptional candidates will be considered. A student may be selected to serve as a Graduate Assistant in one field of study; Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry, Missions, Music and AV, Administration, etc.

After successful completion of year three you will receive a Graduate of “the specific” Ministry, for example a Graduate of Missions or a Graduate of Student Ministries diploma.

All of this takes place without the student taking on any debt or paying anything out of pocket other than living expenses!

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