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Education for Life

Our goal is to provide you the education you need to excel in the job or ministry God has called you to. It is what drives us to be the best online university we can be. "Serving God, Serving You" means that a college education is available for hard working adults who can't give up their jobs to get a college degree.

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Degree Programs

  • Biblical Leadership
    Bachelor Degree Completion, Masters of Biblical Leadership or Doctorate of Organizational Leadership

  • Business Management
    Bachelor Degree Completion, Masters of Business Administration or Doctorate of Organizational Management

  • Bible and Theology
    Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate Programs

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Course in Focus

  • Christian Ethics (CM 3101)

    For Christians, ethics must be rooted in the absolutes of God's Word. This course examines critical questions such as abortion, euthanasia, bioethics, human sexuality, politics, war, capital punishment, race, the arts, and the environment, from a biblical viewpoint. There is a difference between "ethics" and "morals." Ethics do not change. Morals reflect the changing whims of culture. For the Christian, ethics must be rooted in the absolutes revealed in God's Word to inform and nurture our moral conduct. Followers of Christ must learn to think biblically. A Christian approach to complex ethical topics in the postmodern era challenges us to identify how we relate to culture.

  • I was in a dead end career until I heard about American International's MBA program... American International was an answer to my prayers.

    Warren - Cincinnati, OH
  • I was looking for the education that would help me land my dream job. Then I found completion... teaching me essential information I am going to need (in) the "real" world.

    Jennifer - Kansas City
  • I want to say thank you so much American International online, you guys have helped me out a ton!

    Terry - Manhattan
  • American International's business degree program is so hands on that I even started my own business as part of the program and it is helping me pay my tuition. So don't miss out!

    Jennifer - Kansas City

Why American International online?

  • Recognized Name
  • Lower Cost
  • Better Value
  • Convenience
  • No Busy Work
  • Practical Assignments
  • Hands On Projects
  • Real World Experience
  • Competency Based
  • Experiential Learning
  • Professors are Coaches
  • Professors have Done It


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